What if the community where YOU live was thriving and resilient, so that life for you, your family and friends, and your neighborhood was sustainable, just, compassionate, and healthy? What would it be like to live there? Just imagine…

Millions of committed people are creating what we call the “thrivingresilience metamovement,” an unimaginable wealth of community initiatives with similar visions using different perspectives such as Compassionate, Healthy, Livable, Local, Peace, Resilient, Sustainable, Thrive, and Transition. All these movements come to ground in a common set of local ecosocial systems: food, water, air, land, biodiversity, energy, emergency response, buildings, health, education, community welfare, government, business, economy, transportation, communications, etc.

The Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory (TRCC) connects the growing community resilience movement to more of itself in support of large-scale social transformation towards a just and thriving society. We are an action learning community of practice that hosts deep dialogues and gatherings, seeds and incubates collaborative projects, and fosters synergy among North American leaders including Art of Hosting, BayLocalize, Bioneers, Evolver, Movement Generation, PostCarbon Institute, Shareable, TransitionUS, and more.  

TRCC uses the latest complex systems models to develop its networking processes and techniques. We work with emergence through probing/sensing cycles of weaving inquiries and co-lab collaboration working groups such as:

Our major 2014-2015 program is the TRC Co_Project Initiative where over forty funders and activists from more than twenty organizations are engaged in strategic project development and participatory budgetting of a multi-funder pool.

Please see About Us to learn more about who we are. See Our Initiatives for more details about our collaboration methodology.

We hope our stories, tools and approaches, and movement maps are useful to you and your thriving resilient community.