What is our funding model and what agreements do we have about the flow of resources?

These are governance questions that influence and affect all the other governance design issues.  Let’s look at resourcing as an integral part of governance design using the Network Governance Design Canvas offered by Circle Forward.  

The connections between Equity, Decision-making, and Participation show up most acutely when making decisions about Resourcing.   Resource flows shift when equity is operationalized and those most impacted by decisions have a voice in decision-making.  Consent-based processes are designed to uncover blind spots and to weave diverse perspectives into wiser decisions.

Whether you call your initiative a coalition, network, alliance, collective impact, colab, cooperative or something else, addressing the eight design issues at start-up, at new stages of a network’s growth, or when there are signs of trouble,  can increase the networks’ ability to take off and perform.  

Circle Forward is happy to offer this dojo activity on a gift economy basis.  A free copy of the Network Governance Design Canvas is available here

If you see the need for a whole new set of practices and skills around decision-making, power relationships, leadership roles, strategy, setting agreements, communication, coordination, and measurement, because you realize your work is complex, and not merely complicated than this workshop is for you!

We invite leaders of initiatives that are ready to operationalize their values, not just by what they do, but how they do everything to join us Friday, June 11, 2021 at 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET