Collaborative Funding Dojo: May 17-July 31, 2021


The TRCC is proud to host an action learning lab, or “dojo,” on collaborative funding from May 17-July 31, 2021. 

The Japanese term “dojo” means “the place of the Way.”  The way we seek together is a “Just Transition,” which our friends at Movement Generation have described as a path “towards Ecological Justice that does not separate humans from nature, or social equity from ecological integrity.”  We gather together in this Dojo to learn and practice the art of sharing funding power as a way of walking that path.

To learn more about the theory of change that has inspired the Dojo, please read The Story of the Clouds and the Forest.

How It Works

Over a dozen hosting teams are offering a variety of action-learning activities “in the Dojo” to advance our collective capacity to move money based on the wisdom and needs of people doing transformational work on the ground.  This Welcome to the Dojo blog post has a list of planned activities and the groups offering them.

Read the Dojo Blog below for invitations from the hosting teams.  Use the calendar to see when sessions are scheduled–note that most of these are still TBA.  Subscribe to the Dojo email list to receive updates as new events are scheduled.

Connect on Hylo

Use this group on the Hylo platform for online conversation, sharing project information, making requests and offers, and announcing events.   

Join the Dojo email list

This is an emergent space!

Stay up to date as hosting teams add new activities now through July 31st.

About the Calendar Below

  • Your time zone should be selected by default.  Check in the bottom right corner to confirm.
  • Color coding shows how open an event is to general participation, and also indicates “field trips” to aligned events that were not organized as part of the Dojo.
  • Click on an event for details, including registration and Zoom info.  Once an event window is open, use the Sign-up button to RSVP for open and plenary events and use the Share option to add an event to your calendar.
  • Click the blue menu square in the upper right and select “Preferences” and then “iCalendar Feeds” to add the entire calendar to your own.
  • Download the TeamUp app for mobile viewing.  Click here to open the calendar in its own browser window

Questions?  Want to collaborate?

Please email us.


Dojo Blog

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