A Learning Circle for Capital Stewards and Community Stewards

Hosted by

 David Cobb, Cooperation Humboldt   

Taj James & Ruben Hernandez, Full Spectrum Capital Partners

Dr Leslie Meehan, Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Michelle Vassel,  Wiyot Tribal Administrator

Join our June learning circle to explore accelerating the use of integrated capital (philanthropic, government, and investment money) for large-scale social transformation in Northern California. How can Northern Californians help money flow like nurturing rain, not drought or flood? How can we create authentic relationships between Capital Stewards and Community Stewards? Can Northern California be a replicable model to scale integrated capital?

Northern California is already pioneering an emerging new economic paradigm known by several names: the solidarity economy, regenerative economy, sustainable wealth, and community wealth. This paradigm coordinates investing, lending, public, and donor capital together as integrated capital. Integrated capital can democratize the economy,  advance racial equity, and finance climate justice projects using worker cooperatives, public banking, participatory budgeting, community land trusts, municipal energy, housing cooperatives, and other structures.     

This learning circle is an opportunity for both community and capital stewards to share their governance, finance, & fundraising practices and get feedback from each other. The sessions will start with an orientation to integrated capital, continue with specific regional focusses on the North Coast, East Bay, and South Bay, and then wrap up with a dive into key themes and next steps.        

Schedule  June 2- 30   

You’re invited! for one or more one-hour interactive learning circles with optional 30 minute continuing discussion.   

June 2 3PM PT   Integrated Capital Orientation    Sign up HERE  

Blessing – Ted Hernandez,  Wiyot Tribal Chair

Taj James & Ruben Hernandez, Full Spectrum Capital Partners  

Jasper Van Brakel, RSF Social Finance

Greg Wendt, CAFwd 

Michelle Vassel & David Cobb, Cooperation Humboldt and Wiyot Tribe  

June 9  3PM PT  North Coast Circle                       Sign up HERE 

Wiyot Tribe, Cooperation Humboldt, and Full Spectrum Capital Partners are creating the Gouts Lakawoulh Hiwechk Fund (“money that makes us well’ in Wiyot) and an Indigenous led Community Land Trust that will only invest and develop projects that are a) approved by the Wiyot people, and b) meet the criterion of a restorative economy.  They have several projects in the pipeline: a  carbon-neutral affordable housing project, several ecovillages, a Community Center/Artists Hub, and several housing cooperatives

June 16 3PM PT  East Bay Circle                              Sign up HERE 

Movement Generation, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, Canticle Farm, Urban Tilth, and Sogorea Te Land Trust have active integrated capital campaigns to hold communal real estate assets using different forms of finance structures.  Featured projects:

June 23 3PM PT  South Bay Circle                           Sign up HERE     

The South Bay includes six rural to urban counties with an extraordinarily wide range of extreme wealth to poverty. This circle was an initial opportunity to connect more community and capital stewards in the area, focussing first on resilience hubs leaders:

  • Mushroom Farm (Ryan Rising)  Distressed property held by family – exploring community plan
    • Cool Block Mountain View  (Neal Gorenflo) Neighborhood resilience program co-sponsored by Santa Clara County, Cities of Palo Alto & Mountain View, & Empowerment Institute
      • Loma Prieta Community (Robin Porter) Community foundation as anchor hub for dual county & Red Cross asset funding, joint school & community land use agreement, fiscal sponsorship for 40+  groups, regranting disaster funds,…

      June 30 3PM PT  Harvest & Next Steps                  Sign up HERE 

      Join us to share your thoughts on our learning so far and where we could go next.