Funding local sites and neighborhoods is a highly impactful strategy for building community resilience, but often the least funded. Billions of dollars more funding needs to land to rebuild the heart of our communities. Community steward networks can use collaborative funding systems to channel significant capital to grassroots groups using inclusive programs that bridge divides 

The Just Resilience Grassroots Fund Model describes how to develop collaborative funding systems to fund the local resilience work of grassroots community groups that know best what their community needs.  We define collaborative funding as raising and distributing funds across a network of community organizations with aligned values using collaborative governance (decision-making).  Collaborative funding moves money in ways that build shared community wealth and leadership. 

The report is a practical orientation for community-based organizations and networks interested in developing collaborative funding systems in partnership with ally funders. The executive summary is a standalone overview, while the report provides more specific information, examples, and resources to help people understand what’s really involved and how to take their next step.  

The report was developed by a five woman (3 BIPOC, 2 white) team sponsored by the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback.