Movement Strategy Dialogues

are an innovative annual virtual engagement that builds on principles from Open Space. Network members initiate strategic conversations most relevant to them. TRCC hosts a dialogue series relevant to the network.  “Conversation weavers” harvest insights and opportunities.

2018 Movement Strategy Dialogues

2018 Dialogues posed the question “What opportunities and challenges do you see over the coming year for the movement to build thriving and resilient communities across the US and the world?”

The dialogues involved approximately forty participants over nineteen conversation sessions on zoom calls.

TRCC hosted a dialogue series on network mapping. Enjoy the Harvest prezi below! NOTE: The Prezi is best viewed by manually stepping through using the right arrow key, rather than hitting the “play” button, so that you can proceed at your own pace. If the links don’t work for you, copy them from the transcript below.

2019 Movement Strategy Dialogues

The 2019 Dialogues calling question was “What would you like to learn about building thriving, resilient communities, and how can we better support those doing so across the US and the world?” Over 70 movement leaders across North America and Europe self-organized 30+ dialogues on zoom  zoom calls to discuss topics important to them. TRCC hosted a dialogue series to develop collaborative funding criteria. See the opening Invitation HERE.

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