Our group has been working for sometime now to create a framework and invitation for stimulating a movement and coalition amongst communities in Northern California at risk because of wildfires. Themes in the include “being at year three on day one,” creating a new relationship with Cal OES and FEMA, and creating a new model for funding — all while building and connecting an action learning network in the region.


Community activists in Northern California are eager to examine how we might create a regional response, working with a regenerative community lens. While disaster is a dominant context in this work, our work is not about disaster, it is about regenerating community. Our work is about bringing people together locally and trans locally who are dealing with the complex on-the-ground demands and opportunities of these times. See www.regeneratingparadise.org as one expression of our approach. We want to reach out to others who share this sense of possibility.


Team meetings are currently by invitation.  Email the Dojo hosting team to pass on an inquiry.






Bob Stilger, NewStories


Adam Peacocke,  FeatherVine


Dorothee Stangle, Napa Valley CoAd


Nathan Gilfenbaum, Catholic Charities of Diocese of Santa Rosa


Allen Meyers, Regenerating Paradise