Do you find yourself in long-term collaboration with others who have diverging, and sometimes conflicting, perceptions and strategies about issues?

Do you commonly find these collaboration spaces are dominated by incredible cognitive, strategic, and institutional complexities, as well as power dynamics that are difficult to openly name?

How decisions get made, and who participates in those decisions, is a key indicator for equity.  At the same time our networks are made up of very busy people with very demanding workloads. 

And so everyone is assessing both “Is this worth my time?” and “Is my voice being fairly included?”

The principle of Consent within a Range of Tolerance allows us to meet the needs for inclusion and buy-in and also provides a framework that meets the needs for autonomy and action.

If your work culture orients toward consensus, you may find Consent to be a breakthrough.

On June 23, 2021 at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT, we, Dee Washington and Michelle Smith from Circle Forward, are offering a two-hour interactive online workshop to

  • introduce how the Principle of Consent helps organizations and networks navigate the sweet spot between equity, transparency and forward momentum,
  • provide an overview of how using the Principle of Consent and the Range of Tolerance framework reveals blind spots, addresses power, and builds trust
  • learn and play with some of the basic tools and elements of decision-making by consent – to use both within meetings and without meetings.

We are inviting members of coalitions, networks, alliances, collective impact, cooperatives, colabs, or any groups that share purpose to join us!