Our Work 

TRCC’s Community Services provide a combination of community, learning, and action functions.  Some services are for community members; others are open to our public network through member invitation or our e-newsletter.

Gatherings (in-person and virtual)  Our annual gathering is an in-person retreat in the SF Bay area. We support members’ regional gatherings with both funding and consulting and offer other occasional gatherings, tours, and public webinars.  

HeartSpace is a range of reflective and somatic practices which creates the heart and soul energetic conditions to support members in their personal lives and to build community coherence as a love-centered ecosystem capable of co-creating transformative change.

Learning: Movement Weaving is our learning practice of thinking together with each other and our allies to inform and increase our collective impact. We use three methods for engaging with complexity, inspired by the “probe, sense, respond” approach from the Cynefin framework.

Movement Strategy Dialogues is an innovative annual virtual engagement that builds on principles from Open Space. Network members initiate strategic conversations most relevant to them. Supported by “conversation weavers,” they harvest insights and opportunities.

Movement Mapping is a collective story & map service using videos, asset map surveys, and the online tool kumu.io. Mapping promotes members’ collective impact to larger-scale ally and funder audiences. It also enhance members’ understanding of potential synergies and gaps.

Lift Up is our capacity-building technical assistance programWe offer a training webinar series for the TRCC network, given by experts from the TRCC community and allies. We curate a list of existing trainings and other news each quarter in an e-newsletter. Lift Up also provides TRCC members with mentoring opportunities and training scholarships.

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Action: Collaborative Funding is our funding action practice which accelerates the network’s collective impact through broadly inclusive and radically democratic peer relationships between funders and organizers. Funding is generously provided by the Threshold Foundation’s Thriving Resilient Communities Funding Circle as well as other foundation and individual funders.

Incubator seed cycle funds short-term working groups led by one or more members. TRCC has awarded over $40,000 to 20+ Incubator working groups.

Catalyst grant cycle is governed by the TRC Council of majority organizers. The TRC Council has directed over $800,000 in Catalyst grant funds to 40+ projects over the past four years and advised an additional $300,000+ in prior years.

10X Challenge is a new cycle in the discovery phase for 2020.

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