The purpose of the Dojo Story Team is to harvest the wisdom emerging from the lab activities in order to create shareable resources and tell the bigger story of collaborative funding.  We are interested to understand what drives collaborative funding efforts, who is drawn to it, what forms it takes, and how it works in practice.

Our first Dojo Activity is organizing each lab team’s blog and sharing the first pass of the harvest plan.  We are inviting hosting teams to contribute their own collaborative funding stories and to co-build and co-create shared stories.  Later in the lab, we will host one or two webinars on themes of general interest.     

The baseline deliverable from our work will be working documents with a glossary, resource reference, an overview framework, at least a couple of specific stories, and some form of presentation such as a short video, slide deck, or webisode.  The level of professionalism of the final output will depend on raising funds from the initiatives pool. 

Hosting Team 

Dounia Saeme  

Leslie Meehan,

Tom Llewellyn,