The Thriving Community Fund is an innovative approach to broaching the discussion of race, class and wealth gap. The Fund’s primary objectives are to help people clearly envision the challenge of the wealth gap and offer an economic instrument that aims at solving the problem. This is a brand new national fund modeled on our regional Community Equity Fund.  For more details, see our slideshare by clicking HERE.  

Sign up HERE to join us on July 7 2PM ET/1PM CT/11AM PT for a dry run of our presentation to faith groups.  We will: 

  • Provide an overview of this philanthropic fund that invests in small businesses in your church’s community owned by Black and Brown businesses.   
  • Offer a very brief introduction to the tangible good that faith communities can do and the rich relationships on offer when sharing is more prevalent.     
  • Narrate the opportunities that this instrument and its associated practices create for congregations, for business owners, and for neighborhoods.       
  • Engage participants around the types of transformation that could occur from these practices.     
  • Get help from participants in identifying potential barriers to the success of a model like this.     

We highly encourage collaboration. Lab participants could join one of our networks, invite us to present at other venues, or sign on to help us with fund development. We especially welcome: 

  • Faith Based Community/Educators/Community Innovators
  • Innovative Philanthropic Funders
  • Individuals interested in closing the wealth gap
  • Individuals with background, knowledge in young adult education (preference to those with a strong multi-cultural lens)
  • Individuals with background, knowledge in racial equity training  

We look forward to seeing you there!  


Stephanie Swepson Twitty,    

Kevin Jones,

Aaron Kuecker, Trinity Christian College 

Dr Pamela Frazer

Tiffany Glenn