Thriving Resilient Communities Accelerator

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East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (seeded by Sustainable Economies Law Center)

Educates community and acquires property through a people-of-color-led cooperative to combat displacement and transform the way we own and steward land and housing.


TRC Council funds US-based organizations to accelerate local & regional resilience in collaborative networks for climate, economy, and  justice. Complex issues need a “whole community” approach to link across regions, creating a massive shift in culture & behavior.  We practice Democratic Philanthropy by involving allies (including grantees) in funding decisions.

Permaculture Action Network Organizes large-scale action days to mobilize 15,000 people (so far) to build urban farms, community gardens, rainwater catchment, natural-built classrooms, and more. Here, 500 people built the first ceremonial arbor indigenous Ohlone women have had on Ohlone land in over 250 years using shovels made from melted down guns.

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory Convenes resilience movement leaders to support each other and strategize through relationship- building, learning and analysis, and inclusive action. This collaborative approach is critical to overcome sector silos and affect systemic transformation.  They are our funding circle community partners in grantmaking decisions.

Think globally, act locally, collaborate regionally.

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE is the ability to adapt and thrive in changing conditions instead of collapsing from a shock. Resilience “Bounces Forward” to eradicate inequities & unsustainable resource use at the heart of many crises we face, including climate, equity justice, economy & democracy.

TRC Council






Council making grant decisions on zoom

Transforming Philanthropy We believe that people on the ground know best how to use funds. Our grantmaking process involves every grant applicant. Funding circle members and grant applicants review each grant proposal. Based on that work, the TRC Council (one representative for each applicant  plus two Threshold TRC members) recommends how TRC funds will be distributed, using the Threshold attunement process. We do our work both in-person and by zoom phone, and non-Threshold Council members are paid for their time. Now in its fifth year,  the Council is a rewarding and transformative experience.

Feedback from Council members

This process shifts power from people who have resources and shares it with people who don’t. It moves us, as grantees, out of competition for scarce resources, and into collaboration to accomplish our shared mission.  It is our wish that someday this participatory, democratic grantmaking process could be the norm rather than the exception.” Council field members Noni Sessions, Lauren Hage, Kerry Fugett, Lynn Benander, Amethyst Carey, Ben Roberts, Ryan Rising, Alexa Levy, Don Hall, Caci Gibson, Susan Silber, Tom Llewelyn, Colin Miller

Going in, I thought the output would hopefully be a grant RFP. Coming out, I realize the output is immeasurable.  It was experiencing what a culture of collaboration can feel like: a peek into the future of what can be, where we don’t segment who we are from what we do, but instead share financial power in a way that builds our muscles of collaboration by healing trauma, removing ego, & embracing the complexity of co-creation together.
Kerry Fugett, & Council member

Naomi Klein has a book out called, “No is Not Enough.” Joining the TRCC is the practice of saying “Yes” – creating the world we want right now…As someone who has been working for/playing with creating resilient community where I live, I am inspired, educated and moved by the work I see TRCC funding. No matter what happens at the federal level – TRCC is supporting locally based, creative and spirited projects and networks.” – Jenny Ladd, TRC Funder

“The TRC Council meeting was inspirational and profound.  I kept wishing that Congress could witness this level of caring and deep deliberation. It is such a privilege, such a gift to see this. It gives me great faith that my biological grandchildren will grow into a much more compassionate world than we are seeing today. I have no doubt that the leadership we shared there will grow into a paradigm shifting movement within the lifetime of most in the room.”  
Mary Emeny, TRC Funder & Council member

“The TRC gives the most bang for my buck. If you’re supporting Thriving Resilient Communities, you’re supporting Climate Justice, Food/ Farming, new economies, kids and elders, and the collaborative concept of bringing grantees together to cross-pollinate and make the funding decisions…I feel like I’m making a difference.” – Ellen Epstein, TRC Funder