Weaving Overview

Movement Weaving is our learning practice of thinking together with each other and our allies to inform and increase our collective impact.

We use specific language and frameworks to understand each other across our many ways of expressing our visions of a world that is thriving, resilient, just, joyful, healthy, sustainable, green, peaceful, prosperous, dignified … whatever you call the world that we all want to live in.

What’s Resilience? 

We use the following methods for engaging with complexity, inspired by the “probe, sense, respond” approach from the framework.

Movement Strategy Dialogues is an innovative annual virtual engagement that builds on principles from Open Space. Network members and TRCC stewards initiate dozens of strategic conversations most relevant to them. Learn more HERE.

Movement StoryMaps Movement StoryMapping is a collective sense-making practice of developing stories using holistic frameworks and the online mapping tool kumu.io. StoryMapping helps network members and broader audiences to better see the whole systemic picture to strengthen the movement.  Learn more HERE.

Lift Up is our capacity-building technical assistance program. Lift Up offers training webinars, a curated enewsletter of existing trainings and other news, mentoring opportunities, and training scholarships.  Learn more HERE.

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