Who We Are

TRCC is a peer community of movement leaders with broad multi-stakeholder perspectives, significant influence within their field of work, and connections beyond their geographic region.  Leaders share justice and economic democracy values as they reimagine and rebuild local community systems: culture, climate, food, water, energy, policy, etc.

TRCC members represent regional and multi-region grassroots networks and expert support organizations. For example, organizations with region-wide impact include Daily Acts and Rooted in Resilience (SFBay) and Boston Ujima and New England Grassroots Environment Fund (New England). Multi-region networks that support many local and regional hubs across the USA include Bloom Network, Shareable, and Transition US. Examples of expert support organizations that provide skills and resources to these regional and multi-region groups include Art of Hosting, Bioneers, Compassion Games, Movement Generation, New Economy Coalition, New Stories, and PostCarbon Institute. The TRCC project is fiscally sponsored by New Stories. Learn more about our participation model in Governance.

TRCC Member Directory Kumu Map

This kumu network map is the TRCC DIrectory of member organizations and their key assets (program, tool, or resource). Take a look around!  You can see more TRCC Kumu maps HERE.

Click on the +, -, or double arrow “zoom fit” arrows on the upper right of the screen to zoom in and out. Zoom fit is very useful! Try clicking ‘Zoom Fit’ to optimize map size.

Use your cursor to move over each organization’s logo dot to see its description and each green asset dot to see the description of a top program, tool or resource.

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