TRCC’s network mission is to connect and build capacity for community resilience movement leaders who often do not have the opportunity to meaningfully interact. We help connect the movement to more of itself, a key principle of healthy communities. These authentic connections impact leaders and organizations which ripples out to movement impact.

Movement Impact as a Network of Networks

Through its movement weaving, TRCC develops “StoryMap” frameworks, maps, and stories to develop network collective wisdom that strengthens movement collective impact. Learn more about Frameworks and Maps F3 HERE

Talanoa Report to the United Nations: Thriving Communities – A Sustainable Road to Global Resilience

Impact Framework

Member ShowCase with Impact Indicators

TRCC: Building Regional Resilience Across America Video

Impact on leaders and organizations

TRCC creates an ongoing productive space (rather than a one-off conference) for movement leaders to build trusted relationships, think together strategically about their work, and direct available resources to go farther together. TRCC community connections provide members with valued friends, program allies, peer feedback, speaking and contract engagements, R&D support, project funding, etc. The quality of caring community and commitment to courageous conversations builds friends and allies across differences. This qualitative impact creates the trust and willingness to partner up to tackle complex systemic issues.

While representatives from the Collaboratory member organizations know each other professionally and enjoy collegial relationships, they often did not take time to share their plans with each other in a way that allowed co-creation or deep collaboration. Having TRCC provide this structure greatly increased communication and awareness between organizations about how each is contributing to the field, and how we can be more effective together.

Kirsten Schwind


This is the first time I have felt truly heard. Usually we spend our time jumping through hoops for grantors.
Mateo Nube and TRC Council member

We merged our ideas into a four-organization proposal – exciting to see how our thinking has expanded.
Tom Llewellyn and TRC Council member

Going in, I thought the output would hopefully be a grant RFP. Coming out, I realize the output is immeasurable. It was experiencing what a culture of collaboration can feel like: a peek into the future of what can be, where we don’t segment who we are from what we do, but instead share financial power in a way that builds our muscles of collaboration by healing trauma, removing ego, & embracing the complexity of co-creation together.
Kerry Fugett & Council member

Naomi Klein has a book out called, “No is Not Enough.” Joining the TRCC is the practice of saying “Yes” – creating the world we want right now…As someone who has been working for/playing with creating resilient community where I live, I am inspired, educated and moved by the work I see TRCC funding. No matter what happens at the federal level – TRCC is supporting locally based, creative and spirited projects and networks.
Jenny Ladd

TRC Funder & Council member

TRCC Movement-Building Tales

We consistently hear that the cross-network TRCC space that TRCC facilitates on an ongoing basis (rather than a one-off conference) is very valuable and possibly unique.  Trathen Heckman of Daily Acts says that the Catalyst social justice training and collaborative proposal opportunities significantly deepened their trusted partnership with Bay Localize to strengthen social justice within the Community… ...

Braving Collaborative Philanthropy

by funders Mary and Leslie and activist Michelle Threshold’s Thriving Resilient Communities Funding Circle (TRCF) is excited to be on the cutting edge threshold of collaborative philanthropy with the TRC Collaboratory (TRCC). Since 2012, TRCF has supported TRCC as a funder-activist forum for a wide range of projects working on multi-sector regional and trans-local community resilience. Based… ...

My Experience on the TRC Council

It is rare as a grassroots community organizer to have the decision making power to grant tens of thousands of dollars to organizations doing incredibly important work around the country. It’s rarer yet to be able to dig into the details of their work, learn about their strategies and spark ideas ...